Fonds Borgerhoff

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"Fonds Borgerhoff is a private foundation committed to helping underprivileged groups and individuals through selfless collaborative initiatives and projects."

Borgerhoff Foundation is an initiative that is close to our hearts. We were therefor honored to build a website for them. If such organizations can gain more interest by spreading their message online, we can only respond positively.


We enjoyed a close collaboration with the foundation while working on their website. Every page was designed and approved together while keeping in mind a minimalist and simple page with few text and many images that speek for themselves. The website clearly states what the foundation stands for and what they support.

You can easily fill in an application online for one of the initiatives they support. You can also find a brief history for every category which gives a broad idea of what the foundation does. We sincerely hope that this list can grow and can conjure many more happy faces!

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